Reveal Body Camera Solutions

Standard Features

Simplicity, Versatility and Toughness

• The RS2-X2 features a fully articulated camera head which means it can be easily adjusted to allow users of any height and body shape to always be recording exactly what they see
• Unique one-touch recording
• Weather proof

Positive Effects and Quality Footage

• The RS2-X2 features a front facing screen,However, if you decide the screen is not suitable for particular situations, Stealth Mode enables recording without the screen or lights

Efficient Data Collection and Security

• Users are able to bookmark videos as ‘evidential’ at the time of recording, or whilst still in the field when reviewing footage on screen
• Users are not able to delete or overwrite footage on the camera - no tampering with evidence


Tech Specs

• Records: Video and Audio (Audio optional)
• Recording resolution: 1080p30, 720p, 480p (WVGA)
• Recording rate: 25 or 30 frames per second
• Video encoding: H.264
• Audio encoding: Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
• Recording format: .mov or .mp4
• Screen: 2” colour LCD
• Encryption: AES 256-bit
• Battery: Lithium polymer (internal)
• On-screen display: time, date, memory, resolution, recording speed, battery life, recording space available
• Audio alarms: on/off, record, stop record, low battery, low memory
• Articulation: 305° horizontal, 173.5° vertical
• Wide field of view: 100º horizontal, 55º vertical
• Connectivity: MicroUSB, USB 2.0
• Protection: IP65
• Certifications: FCC and CE
• Temperature range: 14°F to 122°F
• Warranty: 12-month manufacturer’s warranty


Cost effective

• DEMS comes bundles with the price of cameras
• Supported for the life of the Camera
• No hidden, on-going license or storage fees


• Flexible installation including standalone, work group or enterprise solutions
• Effortlessly customise access control and user levels
• Securing Vital Evidence
• Encrypted Log of everything done on the system
• Password controlled access levels plus active directory

Maximum Efficiency

• Bulk upload - 10+ cameras can upload data to the system at once
• Automatic uploading once a camera is connected
• Camera booking logs, allows you to keep track of which user has used which camera




Cost effective DEMS comes bundled with the cost of the cameras, with zero on-going license or storage fees. We'll also support DEMS for the life of your cameras, free of charge.

Secure Unbreakable AES256 bit encryption in our cameras, coupled with password controlled access levels and an encrypted, full audit trail in DEMS makes for the strongest all-round system available.

Connected DEMS is ready to securely share your videos instantly with whoever needs them, in whatever form they need it.

Flexible You choose everything from deployment method and storage location, right down to controlling what users can do.

Efficient Automated functionality and smart features streamline your work with DEMS. Its simplicity and intuitive workflow mean almost anybody can use it, with minimal training.

Mode of Deployment

Stand Alone System

DEMS is running on a single computer. Media files can be stored either on this computer or on external storage.


DEMS is running on 2 or 3 computers. These computers are connected to each other through a mini network with one acting as the server. This scenario is suitable for relatively small deployments on a network (normally within the same building).

Hybrid System

The hybrid system combines a centrally located server and database but maintains a standalone capability.


DEMS is running on multiple client computers connected to a server over a wide area network.

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