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Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software- helps you maximize your meeting room space, reduce administration time, and introduce smarter booking processes into your workplace. A seamless, cloud-based solution that lets you manage and configure meeting rooms, visitors, hospitality services, and video conferencing.

Our suite of products are designed to provide a seamless experience; with technology and insight informing one another to
help you understand and change the way you work. Our technology provides powerful insight to help you better manage your workspace,
develop new ways of working and significantly reduce your real estate costs.


Book meeting rooms on-the-go - The Condeco Room Booking App for iOS and Android phones lets you book, amend, and cancel meeting room bookings. This provides your staff with a convenient way to manage room bookings, resulting in increased utilization.

Outlook Integration - Condeco can fully integrate with MS Outlook to provide a seamless booking process directly from within the user’s calendar.

On-Premise Solution and Cloud Solution: - Condeco Room Booking Software is available in two workspace management solutions; a hosted solution and an on-premise solution, depending on what is suitable for your organisation.
The difference between them is where the software is installed and who owns and manages the underlying infrastructure.

More Features

Visitor Management - Condeco’s visitor management functionality is an integral part of the system. It enhances the guest’s experience from arrival to departure, for both booked and walk-in visitors.

Catering and Equipment Management Book meeting rooms on-the-go
Easy ordering: Enable users to order services along with the room booking or to a specific delivery point, giving them an easy tool to manage service orders.
Request management: Vendors can view and manage requests on a dedicated vendor screen that can be placed in kitchens and offices.
Status Management: Vendors can easily progress the status of items on the vendor screen. The status is visible to users in the booking grid and booking summary.
Touch Screen UI:The vendor screen can be shown in a touch screen friendly mode, making it easy for vendors to view and progress items in busy environments.




Condeco Meeting Room Touch Screens - Condeco Meeting Touch Screens use the latest touch screen technology to display information and make bookings from directly outside a meeting room.
The digital screen panel displays the meeting title, the host’s name, the start time and duration of the meeting all in real-time, which eliminates meeting conflicts and maximizes utilization.

Avoid Conflicts - Condeco Room Screens help to avoid meeting conflicts by clearly detailing who the room is booked by and the exact duration of the meeting.

No Show Management - The start function allows the host to confirm that the meeting is taking place either by entering a PIN or by swiping their RFID security pass against the actual screens. If no one shows up to confirm the meeting, the room will automatically be released.



The Condeco Way finder - Shows staff and visitors a directory listing of selected meetings and rooms throughout the day, including the host name and meeting times.
This can be displayed on your choice of hardware, on any web enabled screen.
The Way finder is incredibly simple to manage and features easy to read display information and directions to your meeting room.

Customizable Condeco Way finder can be customized to your preference. You can change the content, column sizes, data types, direction arrows, availability or meeting time parameters on a per pro le basis.

Create multiple displays The display screen allows system administrators to create multiple displays using ‘Pro les’. The Pro les feature lets you create as many different sets
of rooms as you desire and allows you to set up different displays in different locations such as the reception and the hallway.

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