Innovative Identity Management


App Catalog

OneLogin maintains a catalog of more than 4,000 pre-integrated applications, making it easy to enable single sign-on and user provisioning for enterprise applications

Single Sign–On

OneLogin gives users single portal access to all their web apps in the cloud and behind the rewall — via desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Compliance Analysis and Reporting

OneLogin centralizes all user management and login activity. Leverage an audit trail for user changes
and access, which can be used to generate powerful statistics or retroactive forensics.

Real–Time User Directory Integration

OneLogin installs in minutes, and synchronizes users in your directory to thousands of cloud applications in real-time. Use Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps, Workday or use OneLogin as your directory in the cloud.

One Click On and Off–Boarding

OneLogin imports your organization’s entitlement de nitions from each individual app and gives you exible rules for determining which entitlements for each user. Real-time user synchronization for Active Directory means disabling a user will take e ect in target applications within seconds.

Strong Authentication

OneLogin leverages location, application and user privilege level to control sign in and password reset. OneLogin is pre-integrated with third-party solutions including RSA, SafeNet, Duo Security, and Symantec. OneLogin also supports PKI browser certi cates and a free mobile one-time password (OTP) application for smartphones.

App Catalog

One Login’s portal gives users one-click access to all their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. OneLogin's policy-driven security and multi-factor authentication ensure that only authorized users get access to sensitive data.
  • 5,000+ Preintegrated Apps
  • 1,000+ Prebuilt SAML Apps
  • Branded User Access Portals
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Eliminate Password-related Support Tickets
  • Increase Productivity by 5 Minutes/ Employee/Day
  • New Apps added automatically
  • Remove IT Roadblocks


Strong multi-factor authentication

Strong multi-factor authentication Strong multiple authentication factors prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate data with passwords alone. Use policy-based authentication to control appropriate authentication levels for sign-in and password reset based on location,
application and user privilege level. In addition to OneLogin's own free one-time password app, OneLogin comes pre-integrated with Duo Security, RSA SecurID and many others.
  • Risk Based Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Included One-Time Password (OTP) App (iOS, Android)
  • SMS Text Support
  • Security Questions
  • Integration with Leading Third Party Tools
  • Flexible Security Policies
  • MFA Based on Risk (e.g. Whitelist IP addresses)


We provide differentiated capabilities that are optimized for your current and evolving requirements:
  • With over 5,000 pre-integrated apps for SSO and user provisioning, enterprises can accelerate on-boarding in hours not days, weeks or longer.
  • Administration is made simple with the ability to apply personalization treatments, and provide seamless access to company apps.
  • OneLogin desktop eliminates yet another password to remember as your MAC or PC is enrolled, gaining security profile, allowing simple, one-click access to apps
  • Our virtual LDAP Service unify multiple directories and legacy structures to a single source of truth.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining a robust control environment that meets and exceeds the security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy commitments made to our customers. So we maintain several security, risk, and compliance initiatives as part of this commitment. These include:


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