iCims Recruit

Streamline Your Recruitment Management

Make recruiting efficient and effective (you know, the way it should be) with the iCIMS Recruit applicant tracking system, the backbone of our dedicated talent acquisition software suite. Centralize all jobs, applicant profiles, and processes into one, easy-to-navigate system. Eliminate paperwork, stay organized, and identify the best candidates, faster.

Tailor Your Applicant Tracking Process

Set up a recruiting workflow that works for you and easily move candidates through each stage.

Get the Full Picture

View real-time screening and assessment results, and compare candidates side-by-side

Find What You Need in One Place

From scheduling to information sharing to gathering feedback, this applicant tracking system handles it all.

Create Candidate-Friendly Applications

Let candidates upload resumes in any form, on any device—or use their social profiles.

iCims Connect

Track Candidate Engagement Levels
Discover which candidates are most actively engaged with your organization with candidate activity meters. When a job opens up, reach out to the candidates with the highest engagement
Serve up relevant job recommendations
Automatically notify candidates about the job opportunities most relevant to their interests, to increase engagement.
Save time with automated emails
Easily share company information and new job openings in scheduled newsletters. Track opens, clicks, and applications to report on your progress.
Expedite applicant Imports
Batch imports make it possible to easily transfer applicant information via spreadsheets, candidate databases, LinkedIn exports, and more.

iCims Onboard

Make managing tasks easy
Onboarding new employees has never been faster with the ability to create and store employer and new hire tasks.
Keep everyone on track
Assign task due dates and schedule automated reminders to help everyone stay on track.
Report on onboarding success
Measure new hire activity, internal processes, employee turnover and more.
Save time with electronic files
Eliminate paperwork with electronic onboarding forms, which can be completed before a new hire’s first day.
  • Effective on boarding
  • Make tasks and forms easy to access
  • Provide clear and consise communication channels
  • Share information about company culture and policies
  • Set milestones to guage new hire success

iCims Unifi

One Holistic Recruiting View
By using UNIFi to centralize data from all of your solutions, you can run and export reports from just one login to gain actionable insights into every part of your recruiting. With these insights, make faster, better-informed decisions to win your war for talent.
Market Place
Choose from a whole range of Applicant Screening tools:
  • Assessments
  • Cognitive
  • Verbal/Reasoning Tests
  • Culture Fit
Programming skills assessments multiple skill sets and in over 30 programming languages.
Video Interview
Empower HR and busy team leaders where they work every day with the modern tools and insight they need to make smarter people decisions in less than half the time.

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